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Generera Datautveckling AB was founded in december 1993 and is since then a very successful company in the IT industry. We are a group of highly skilled consultants with deep knowledge in system development and production of advanced  computer applications in multiple computer environments. We offer services within the following:

  1. System design and development

  2. iPhone programming

  3. Studies and documentation

  4. Training

  5. Image manipulation and digital photography

Our main development environment is 4D where Generera Datautveckling AB is a 4D solutions partner. We have a long experience with this development tool. Generera Datautveckling AB have developed computer applications in the following business areas:

  1. Staffing and hiring: HRM, CRM, Time and project management.

  2. Health care: Lab administrative systems, journal systems, research systems

  3. Economy: Time and project management

  4. Training/Education: Administrative systems

Development and design since 1993

Generera Datautveckling AB

Bergakungsvägen 5

141 41 Huddinge


Tel: 08-608 10 30


Göran Bomark

Johan Braun

Jörgen Häll